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August 9, 2011

There name translates to “The Red Dots,” a clever quip on “The White Stripes.”  Think of Die Roten Punkte as This is Spinal Tap! meets Flight of the Concords.  Get ready to ROCK BANG, Charlotte!  The dysfunctional sibling duo, Otto and Astrid Rot, are back for another rock n’ roll show.  So who are, and what exactly is Die Roten Punkte?  

Learn how to ROCK BANG!

Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am A Lion)

Here are a few more reasons why you should NOT MISS this show!
Read a hilarious Q&A with Astrid and Otto.
Courtney Devores named DRP a Top 10 Concert in 2010
Review from The Vancouver Sun.

Click here for more information on DIE ROTEN PUNKTE.

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