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Tuesday Tune: “The Road of Tears” by The Battlefield Band

October 11, 2011

Every Tuesday, we share a song from an artist or musical coming to one of our theaters. Today, we’re featuring a song from The Battlefield Band.

The Battlefield BandInspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength and vibrancy of today’s Scottish cultural scene, The Battlefield Band have led and been at the forefront of a great revival in Scottish music.

Named after the Glasgow suburb of Battlefield, where the group was formed by four student friends in 1969, they have now been on the world’s roads for over 40 years, distilling their own distinct form of the Scottish spirit and bottling it in concert and onto disc.

They are performing in the McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square next Thursday, Oct. 20, at 7:30 p.m.  CLICK HERE for ticketing information.

And to help you get ready for an amazing concert, we present “The Road of Tears.”

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