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Looking Ahead: BoDeans Play This Week

August 19, 2013
The photo shoot for the BoDeans' album "American Made."

The photo shoot for the BoDeans’ album “American Made.”

Do you have your tickets to see all-American rock band the BoDeans? It’s not too late! The band takes the stage this Friday in McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square. CLICK HERE for ticket information. Prices begin at $20.

“I’ve always thought of the BoDeans as a truly American band,” says Kurt Neumann, the founder, primary writer and frontman of the veteran Milwaukee-based group. “We were blue-collar kids straight out of the heartland – how could we be anything else? ‘Roots rock’ was a label I fought when I was younger, but I came to realize that if by ‘roots’ you meant blues, rock, country and soul all slammed together into one sound, then I’d say yes – that is the sound of American-made music.”

Thanks to Neumann’s renewed passion and determination, the BoDeans are still going strong a quarter of a century after their debut album led them to win a Rolling Stone readers’ poll as “Best New American Band,” and nearly 20 years after their “Closer to Free” became a massive hit and the theme song of the television sitcom “Party of Five.” BoDeans continue to tour the U.S. year-round, exposing the kids of their longtime steadfast fans to heartfelt, trend-free, American-made music.

With their 11th album, “American Made,” the BoDeans have created a soul-stirring song cycle that directly reflects the American experience at this critical moment in our history.

“As we’ve moved into the new millennium, we’ve begun to question our identity as Americans – who we are, or who we want to be,” says Neumann. “With the onset of the tea party and the Occupy movement, it feels like we’re pulling in two very different directions. The song ‘American’ talks about this land of ‘endless possibility,’ and ‘Where else in the world you ever going to find this kind of ideology?’ We’re lucky to have the rights and opportunities that we have, but I believe those rights come with a responsibility to help each other along. It’s wrong to stockpile millions or billions of dollars while all your neighbors struggle to survive. It feels like we’re losing the common sense that has always guided us, and that worries me. We’re so out of touch with each other – and just trying to find an American-made product has become almost comical. I wanted to bring all of that to the surface – hence the album title.”

Here’s a taste of the band’s latest work.

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