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Wednesday Wow: Four New Shows on Sale Monday

November 27, 2013

Angelique Kidjo, TAO: Phoenix Rising, Celtic Nights and The Ten Tenors are four fabulous new shows that have been added to Blumenthal’s lineup! There’s truly something for everyone and these shows go

Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo

on sale Monday, Dec. 2, at 10 a.m.! Don’t miss your chance to nab great seats first!

Born in Benin, West Africa, Angelique Kidjo is a Grammy award-winning music recording artist deemed “Africa’s premier diva” by Time magazine. Kidjo’s internationally acclaimed repertoire includes collaborations with various recording artists, such as Carlos Santana, Peter Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, Branford Marsalis, Joss Stone and many more. Known for her dynamic and uplifting music, she has translated her distinctive work in the arts to that of philanthropy. By promoting education for girls in Africa through her foundation, Batonga, and as a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador, Kidjo travels the world to inspire and empower. She comes to McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square Feb. 8. Ticket prices begin at $24.50. CLICK HERE for all the details.

On April 10, TAO: Phoenix Rising brings a unique show experience to the Knight Theater stage. Athletic bodies and contemporary costumes meet explosive taiko drumming and innovative choreography in a show that has critics waxing lyrical about TAO’s extraordinary precision, energy and stamina. With hundreds of soldout shows and more than a million spectators, TAO has proven that modern entertainment based on the traditional art of Japanese drumming has massive international appeal.

The stars of TAO live and train at a compound in the mountains of Japan, reaching the highest level of virtuosity only after years of intensive study. The performers each bring nontraditional flair to the group by drawing on their diverse backgrounds: one as a hard rock musician, another as a gymnast, and another as a composer. They offer a young and vibrantly modern take on a traditional art form. Ticket prices begin at $24.50. CLICK HERE to buy starting Monday at 10 a.m.

Watch the clip below to check them out!

The Ten Tenors come to Knight Theater March 31, and ticket prices start at only $29.50. This talented group respectfully tips their hats to their classical roots and share with audiences unique renditions of the genre’s best love pieces, but they also push the boundaries of what it means to be a tenor and to sit in the classical genre in today’s world. Taking cues from some of music’s most courageous contemporary artists, including Freddy Mercury and Meatloaf, The Ten Tenors, see rock opera as not only a way of keeping their show fresh and reaching new audiences, but appealing to the array of musical preferences a 10-piece musical act shares.

Amid incredible international success, this Australian troupe has become known as one of the hardest working touring acts. Performing an average of 250 shows per year across seven continents, they have sold more than 3.5 million concert tickets, have four gold and two platinum CDs, two gold DVDs and a platinum DVD, and they continually strive to challenge themselves and their audiences. CLICK HERE for more information.

Celtic Nights is also headed our way soon! The group comes to McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square March 22. Just as a plant craves light, Celtic people are drawn to music and song. Scattered around the world like seeds on the wind, they are propelled by the powerful rhythms and motifs of a mysterious and exuberant ancient culture. Music is the soul, the very lifeblood of their tradition. It binds them together, even as it sets them apart. This driving passion for music and dance is the keystone of Celtic identity. Their response to melody, lyric and the criss-crossing rhythms of Irish dance is reflexive, intuitive and filled with joy. The Irish embrace their musical culture like no other nation, and their pride in artistry is its own reward. Above all else, it is this natural affinity with music and song that has given Celtic people a truly global voice. A Celtic Voice. Every thundering dance tune and plaintive melody is a separate thread in the broad and colorful tapestry of Celtic music.

In this glittering production, six of Ireland’s most accomplished dancers mirror six of its finest voices to present a spell-binding and exhilarating picture of a proud people, their passion, and their hopes and dreams. It tells the story of the lives and loves of the Celtic exiles who dared to dream big and were doggedly determined to carve out a home in the New World. Their stories live large in the power and majesty of their music and hypnotic fury of dancing Irish feet. CLICK HERE for all the details.

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