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Tuesday Tune: ‘That’s It’ by Preservation Hall Jazz Band

January 7, 2014
Preservation Hall Jazz Band, That's It, Charlotte NC, Blumenthal Performing Arts

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Preservation Hall stands in the French Quarter of New Orleans and exists to fulfill one mission: to preserve and celebrate original New Orleans jazz.

Preservation Hall opened in 1961 and was originally intended to be a safe haven for those who played and loved New Orleans jazz music. The hall still operates today and presents some of the most dynamic jazz musicians in the world. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band is only one extension of the mission to preserve a true American art form.

The band’s roster, past and present, is full of award-winning musicians. In 2013, the current Preservation Hall Jazz Band released an album titled “That’s It,” and you can listen to the title track below.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a sold-out performance at Carnegie Hall. It also performed on the 55th Grammy Awards with The Black Keys and Dr. John and became the first act to perform at both the Newport Folk Festival and New Jazz Festival in the same year. With more than 50 years of success, the music group is a timeless treasure and asset to the funky, bodacious sounds of New Orleans jazz.

Don’t miss Preservation Hall Jazz Band when it performs in McGlohon Theater Wednesday, March 26! Buy tickets now.

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