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FanBlog: PostSecret Fan and Intern Shares Her Experience

February 6, 2014
Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret

Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret

PostSecret is an online phenomenon that allows strangers to find release in sharing their deepest secrets with founder Frank Warren in the form of postcards. Each Sunday is updated with new secrets, sent from people all over the world. PostSecret is at the heart of two events coming soon to our theaters: PostSecret LIVE! with Frank Warren and PostSecret the Show.

PostSecret fan and current UNCC student Ruthie Schorr was given the opportunity to intern with PostSecret and help bring the all-new PostSecret the Show to Booth Playhouse in April. Read more about her experience with PostSecret here:

I started following PostSecret when I was roughly 12 years old. I had been at my favorite store, Island Books, browsing with my mom when I saw a brown book that looked like a brown paper bag on one of the stacks. I opened it up to find the pages beautifully decorated with what seemed like random and interesting statements. I had no idea what any of the context was. I went home later that day and looked up the name of the first PostSecret book titled “PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives,” to then find myself on the PostSecret blog website.

Ruthie Schorr

Ruthie Schorr

I scrolled through the website and saw tons and tons of cards that were exactly the same as the pages in the book I had seen earlier. I dug a little deeper and found all the information that I wanted, just enough to get me completely hooked. PostSecret started as a community art project by Frank Warren and had been shaped into a meaningful, supporting community. I saw that the updates were posted  every Sunday. Extremely intrigued and excited about my findings, I started to check the PostSecret blog every Sunday before breakfast. It became my weekly routine and my weekly “me” time. I enjoyed my special time with secrets away from everything and everyone else — it was a great escape from my normal, everyday life.

I have continued to read PostSecret every week for the last nine years and have thoroughly enjoyed the always exciting and ever-changing stories I find on the blog every single week, and through the many books that followed.

Being able to now work with the PostSecret team and watch one of my favorite things evolve into a show to be shared with the world with the special charm and uniqueness of PostSecret is truly something special. This show will be exciting, different and amazingly entertaining. I cannot wait to see the final product in April and watch it come to life with PostSecret the Show!

Don’t miss either of the special PostSecret events! CLICK HERE for details about these and other shows coming to Blumenthal theaters.

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