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FanBlog: Niece of PostSecret Creator Frank Warren Gives Us the Inside Scoop!

March 6, 2014
PostSecret Live! With Frank Warren

PostSecret Live! With Frank Warren

On March 19, PostSecret Live! With Frank Warren comes to McGlohon Theater! You won’t want to miss this multimedia event by Frank Warren, founder of, a collection of highly personal and artfully decorated postcards mailed anonymously from around the world. It’s your chance to see postcards that were not included in the books, hear the inspiring and funny stories behind the secrets, and listen to some of Frank’s secrets … or share your own. You can even meet Frank afterward during the book signing. Books that will be available for purchase include the No. 1 New York Times bestseller “PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death, and God.” One huge fan of PostSecret, Lexy Procuniar who lives here in Charlotte, happens to be Frank Warren’s niece! We caught up with her to learn more about this Internet phenomenon and the man behind it all. Check out what she had to say in her FanBlog below!

The first time that I saw PostSecret’s creator, Frank Warren, speak, I was astounded at how, in the midst of a crowd of hundreds, he could effectively and genuinely seek after the individual. As he spoke publicly, he ended the show by inviting others to get up and share their secrets. And there, in front of many others, people stood up and bared part of themselves that, for whatever reason, they believed they were supposed to hide in the deepest part of their soul. In one of the least personal venues possible — a public address — there were personal revelations and honest connections between strangers. It was beautiful.

Lexy Procuniar and family

Lexy Procuniar and family

Growing up, I knew Frank Warren simply as Uncle Frank: He was the kind of uncle who could do cool tricks on a yo-yo or would enthusiastically get on a skateboard. He would send you articles about topics he knew interested you, and he would ask questions that went beyond yes, no or maybe responses. He would also look me in the eyes and really listen, even though I was a child, or even though I was a teenager and going through a phase, or especially if I had a crazy idea or aspiration or dream. He wanted to know me, and more than that, he wanted to support me.

When Frank started PostSecret as a community art project, I know it came from a place of complete compassion for people he didn’t know and probably would never meet. I know that because I know how deeply compassionate Frank is. PostSecret is wonderfully artistic — the variety of the postcards both in subject matter and design is surprising, fresh and intriguing. But, I think any art of real importance has a purpose, and Frank’s purpose was to listen, to hear the thoughts that people considered their ugliest underbellies, and to connect people to each other in showing that we really aren’t as alone as we think we are. The PostSecret project has, very literally, saved lives through both its listening ear and its open discussion of suicide prevention.

As a PostSecret fan, I have sent in a secret, read the books, checked the site religiously, and even had the opportunity to see Frank’s famous postcard pyramid in person. These experiences have convinced me that PostSecret is entertaining, thought-provoking, and important because it shares the voices and stories of so many. But, I know PostSecret’s success is all a reflection of the incredible man behind it, who reads each secret and really listens. I’m grateful to call Frank Warren my uncle, and I’m more proud to call him my friend.

— Lexy Procuniar

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