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Looking Ahead: PostSecret: The Show and Kenny Loggins This Week!

April 21, 2014

PostSecret: The Show opens in Booth Playhouse tomorrow night and plays through May 4. It is a visual, auditory and emotional journey through the beauty and complication of our deepest fears,

PostSecret: The Show plays in Booth Playhouse April 22- May 4.

PostSecret: The Show plays in Booth Playhouse April 22- May 4.

ambitions and confessions. With the assistance of projected images and video, three actors guide the audience through the stories behind never-before-seen secrets: sexual, sad, funny and controversial postcards that have made one of the most popular blogs in the world.

With half a billion visitors, half a million anonymous secrets received and the release of five best-selling books, artist, curator and Internet phenomenon Frank Warren has put together a team of theater professionals to bring life to the unheard voices of PostSecret. With the bravery of Rent and the surprising honesty of The Vagina Monologues, PostSecret: The Show is a breakthrough in audience-sourced storytelling that reaches beyond the confines of the stage, reminding audiences that no matter what they may be facing, they are not alone. CLICK HERE for a full list of performances and ticket information.

Kenny Loggins playing in Belk Theater April 27. Photo by Stephen Morales

Kenny Loggins plays in Belk Theater April 27. Photo by Stephen Morales.

This weekend, the Belk Theater welcomes Kenny Loggins! Loggins has been many things to many people over the past three decades — “a moving target” as he’s put it. In his time, Loggins has been a guitar-slinger with a psychedelic rock band, a hot young songwriter with a publishing deal, half of a legendary country-rock duo, a massively successful and accomplished solo artist, a sonic pioneer in the smooth jazz genre, a reigning soundtrack superstar, a rocker, a seeker, as well as an enduring recording artist and live performer whose most recent works have spoken deeply to both young audiences and decidedly adult and worldly concerns.

At the heart of it all, there remains a brilliant singer-songwriter and guitarist with a lifelong passion for exploring the endless power of the song to communicate. Loggins finds himself doing again what he has always done — writing and playing his songs, digging deep and looking toward the next step. CLICK HERE to buy tickets before it’s too late!

Blumenthal has added several new shows to the lineup over the next few months. Visit to keep up with the latest, and don’t miss out on seeing some of the best in performing arts!


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