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Inside the Minds of the Creative Duo Behind Charlotte Squawks

May 29, 2014
Cast of Charlotte Squawks in rehearsal

Cast of Charlotte Squawks in rehearsal.

Whether you’ve seen Charlotte Squawks in years past or not, chances are you have heard about it. It’s the show that will have you laughing from start to finish. It’s “Saturday Night Live” meets Broadway meets our beloved Queen City!

Celebrating the 10th edition of Squawks, the creative team of Mike Collins and Brian Kahn collaborate with the area’s most talented performers to make fun of pop culture, sports, life as well as local and national politics. We could tell you what you should expect, but part of the fun of the show is anticipating who and what will be squawked!

We talked to the masterminds themselves, creative duo Brian Kahn and Mike Collins. Check out what they had to say below!

Who are some of the heroes behind the scenes of Charlotte Squawks?

“I preface this by saying:  THIS IS A SERIOUS ANSWER.  NOT A JOKE. Our music director Jeana Neal Borman is an unsung hero because she has to work furiously with the cast and the band in a very short amount of time. No wonder she’s furious! Linda Booth, our choreographer, has the unenviable job of creating choreography for people who were unaware they have feet. Our stage managers, Sabrina Blanks and Meghan Helms, have to keep track of everything we do as we build, tear down, rebuild, tear down, rebuild, tear down and rebuild the show during every rehearsal. Then, of course, they have to deal with the cast, which is like herding cats. Oh, and Brian’s wife, who has to deal with their 97 children on her own while Brian is in that isolation tank. She is our biggest hero.”

— Mike Collins

“Heroes in the shadows … All of the above, ESPECIALLY MY WIFE!!!! Robbie Jaeger – Not really behind the scenes since he’s in the show, but he does the costuming and does a tremendous job. Bruce Wayne – He’s Batman. Nuff said.”

–Brian Kahn

Behind the scenes with Charlotte Squawks cast

Behind the scenes with Charlotte Squawks cast.

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