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A Father’s Day Surprise: Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood Come to Charlotte!

June 5, 2014

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means? Children and adults alike scrambling around from store to store trying to find a gift or two to show how much they appreciate the father figures in their lives. But what if you just can’t find that one thing to embody all the love you have for your father? A tie? Nah, too cliche. A set of golf clubs? He doesn’t even play. Some snazzy shot glasses? He already has too many of them.

Don't miss these two comics come to Knight Theater on Friday, June 13!

Don’t miss these two comics, Colin Mochrie, left, and Brad Sherwood, when they come to Knight Theater Friday, June 13!

Wait! There’s one thing that you can give that you can’t buy in a department store. I’ll give you some hints: It’s something that you know and love; it will make your cheeks ache from laughing; and half of it is bald! What am I talking about? I’m letting y’all know that Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, stars of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” are coming to the Queen City to perform! For one night only, Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood: Two Man Group will showcase the quick wit and amazing improv skills of the two comics on the Knight Theater stage.

Throughout the evening, the two jokesters will pull audience members onto the stage to participate in their many crazy improv skits. Think of it as a live version of the show, with half the cast, but with an overflowing amount of comical antics! By the end of the night, your dad will likely have laughed so hard that he’ll dub you Child of the Year … not too shabby, eh?

The Springfield News in Ohio declares that the dynamic duo show is “a two hour laugh riot!” Show your dad (and your friends and family too) a marvelous time that is sure to make a memorable Father’s Day! Don’t miss Colin and Brad Friday, June 13. CLICK HERE for more information about the show and to snag tickets!

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