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10 Myths Busted By Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage

June 19, 2014

Can you  teach an old dog new tricks? Is yawning truly contagious? Do we really only use 10% of our brain? And can yodeling trigger a massive avalanche? These are all questions we’ve likely asked ourselves about urban myths and superstitions but few people ever had the guts to test them. Then Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman came  along on the Discovery channel with Mythbusters, the hit TV show! Since 2003, the super-sleuths have tested possible tall-tales that have risked their lives, blown audiences’ minds, and even blown up a or two cars in the process.

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What are the top 10 most popular myths that Hyneman and Savage have tackled over the years? Get the truth about the 5-Second Rule, shark attacks, and a few other mind-benders.

#1: Does the 5 Second Rule really exist?
Results: Nope!
When Hyneman and Savage tested this theory on their episode they concluded that all food dropped on the ground will pick up some level of bacteria, depending on their surface area, how moist it is, and floor condition. There is no King Germ that proclaimed, “WAIT! We must wait five seconds before we invade this piece of muffin.”

#2: Can cockroaches survive a nuclear explosion?
Results: Only to a certain point.
This theory came from WWII when the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The sole survivors?300-million-year-old insects. The mythbusters collected cockroaches and subjected them to 1,000, then 10,000, and then 100,000 radon units (the Hiroshima bomb was 10,000 rads). Over 30 days, a whopping 10% of the 10,000-rads group survived. This can be attributed to their cell structure.

#3: Is talking on a cell phone while driving worse than driving drunk?
Results: YES!
A pair of psychologists claimed that driving while buzzed isn’t as bad as talking on your cell phone driving. Savage and Kari Byron, another mythbuster, assessed the possibility while taking a driving test sober, then while talking on a cell phone, and then after having a few beers. Failing the test both times while distracted, the pair claimed it was actually harder to concentrate while gabbing on the phone.

#4: Does having a cell phone on during flight take off interfere with take-off?
Results: Not at all.
You can finally tell that grouchy old woman or anxious middle-aged man to hush up about turning off your cellphone that its signal has no effect with flight take-offs. The reason they tell you to turn it off is because the signal will bounce off numerous cell towers rather than one (like normal), which clogs up networks on the ground.

#5: Do bulls really get angry with the color red?
Results: Just shake it!
Hyneman and Savage challenged the theory by testing capes of different colors. Listless attacks happened if the cape was motionless (regardless of color), while vigorous shakes of the capes drew aggressive attacks.

#6: Are Elephants afraid of mice?
Results: Yes, elephants are “squeakish.”
Turns out the widespread myth and cartoon portrayal of elephants being afraid of mice is true. Having placed mice in holes to pop out of in front of elephants, Hyneman and Savage confirmed that although elephants don’t stampede away, they stopped dead in their tracks and trudged in another direction.

#7: Can the human voice shatter glass?
Results: As long as you make it pitch perfect.
All objects have a natural resonance that they sings out when hit or clanked. If matched with the right resonance, or tone, a strong and loud enough voice can shatter glass!

#8: Can playing dead help you avoid shark attacks?
Results: Indubitably.
Playing dead isn’t just a trick your dog should do to get a treat – it’s a way to save your life in a shark attack! Hyneman and Savage both took turns playing dead and thrashing about furiously in infested waters. Sharks are more attracted to all the commotion.

#9: Slipping on a banana peel: Likely to happen?
Results: Only in the cartoons, folks.
The duo found that purposely trying to slip on a banana peel is not likely to happen. The chance of slipping is also dependent on the surface it’s on and how old the peel is (the older, the slimier, which means more slip action). However, putting down a massive layer of peels will yield some comedic results!

#10: Will our eyes pop out if we sneeze with our eyes open?
Results: Not a chance.
Why is it then our eyes quickly snap shut when we sneeze? Just a simple reflex! With a basic knowledge of anatomy, we know that our eyes are secure in our eye sockets and are not connected to our nose in any way. Your mind should be at ease when you sneeze in the future.

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