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Open Mic Night: Tips and Tricks to Be Prepared

July 2, 2014

Have you ever watched someone perform onstage and just been in complete awe of their singing abilities? Maybe it was a funny comedian who tickled your funny bone, or a even a magician who blew your mind by performing gravity-defying tricks! Whatever the case, you now have the chance to come on stage and be the star yourself. Yes you … I’m talking about you reading these words.

We’re calling everyone of all ages and skill level to come show off their talents at Blumenthal Performing Arts’ Open Mic Night at the McGlohon Theater Friday, July 18! However, if you’re not feeling the desire to be in the spotlight, just come check out some rising stars in action — you never know who you’ll meet if they strike it big!

If you want to know what to expect, check out this video below from Open Mic Night last September!

Because we know Charlotte is chock full of talented performers, we can only accommodate up to 20 slots of Queen City’s finest to perform at Open Mic. How do you snag a slot? We will hold a lottery for those who would like to perform and draw people at random to showcase what they’ve got. The results of the lottery will be emailed to everyone who requested a performance. If you’d like to submit your info, just simply email with the following information:

1. First and last name of the performer(s).
2. Performance genre (singing, playing an instrument, telling a story, etc.).
3. Current city of residence.

For Open Mic Night, there are a few things you should know when going on stage. Here are the official guidelines:

  • Performances must be no longer than five minutes.
  • Performances must be appropriate for a general audience — inclusive of very young children.
  • Performances must stay within the stage dimensions: 33 feet wide by 18 feet deep.
  • Blumenthal will provide up to 5 microphones, a CD player, an iPod connection, a piano, a DI box for instrument amplification (quarter-inch plug), chairs and stools.
  • Each performer and group must set up the stage for their act within 90 seconds and clear the stage of their properties within the same amount of time.

Now that we’ve clarified the rules, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re standing (or dancing) in the spotlight:

DO: Get Prepared before your act.
DON’T: Learn your act the night before, or even a few hours before.
We want you to do well on stage! Make sure you know your lyrics if you are singing, or know your act hands down. We all have busy schedules and may forget to brush up on our act that we’ve known since college, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! And bring your own instruments tuned and ready to go (I learned this the hard way, getting up on stage and realizing my guitar wasn’t tuned? Ouch!).

DO: Stick around to see other people perform.
DON’T: Miss out on networking opportunities.
We all have places to be at certain times, but when we have the time, we need to learn to sit back and take in what’s around us! Once you’re done with your act, it’s nice to exhale and relax, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Stay and watch the other performers — you may end up liking activities you didn’t think you would, and you can make serious connections with those who attend.

DO: Have fun!
DON’T: Be nervous or take yourself too seriously.
We understand this opportunity may be a huge deal for you to get up and let your heart run wild and free in a performance, but you have to keep it in perspective: you will only be up there for a maximum of five minutes, and a lot of people will be going through the same thing. So enjoy your time onstage and give it everything you’ve got!

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