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Tuesday Tune: ‘I Blinked Once’ by Steve Forbert

July 8, 2014
Steve Forbert comes to Stage Door Theater Sept. 11!

Steve Forbert comes to Stage Door Theater Sept. 11!

Steve Forbert knew what he wanted to do at a young age, and like any youngster who had a passion for the arts, he dove right into the guts and gore to get discovered. This Mississippi native traversed all the way up to New York City to play for the city of lights, even if he was just thrown pockets of change from the people who would pass him strumming his guitar on the streets.

At 21 years old, he had the soul of a true musician and a heart full of rhythm, so what was a guy to do? He went on to performing his songs at the CBGB club in the city and fans started flocking, as did punk rock critics. In 1977, a New York Times critic raved, “What makes him remarkable is that he’s good already, when he’s still growing. And at his frequent best, he’s already a star!”

He debuted his first album, “Alive on Arrival,” illustrating the grand entrance into the music industry that made him one of the most compelling musicians and songwriters of his time — he was considered the Mark Twain of song lyricists of the 1980s. His soul and folk-filled music (what we call Americana today) reflects his experiences on life and love in a way you don’t hear blasting on the radio nowadays.

His latest album, “Over With You,” released almost three years ago, brings back his romantic roots into the heart-filled lyrics and even captures the essence of human interaction in this hopeless romantic’s view on today’s world. Forbert says:

“The album is a lot of breakup stuff. Most pop songs you hear are love songs, so there’s nothing remarkable about this record except it’s really true, and the title song isn’t something I would want to live again. The production is really sparse. You can put it on and it will fly by, and it kind of sneaks up on you that you’ve listened to the whole thing. I think that’s good.”

Although you haven’t seen many of his songs on The Billboard’s Top 100, he continues to leave behind a legacy and a slew of fans as he travels the country touring in some of the most prestigious venues. He’s even had Keith Urban sing some of his songs!

With the power of Google, it is apparent that Forbert not only sounds amazing in studio, but he puts on an even better performance. His shows are filled with audience engagement and exuberance as he plays not only his classic hits but also mixes in some of his newer songs off of his more recent albums. With this man there is never a boring moment between him and his fans.

Look for yourself! Check out Forbert performing “I Blinked Once” live at Riverside Park in Red Bank, N.J., on July 10, 2009.


Don’t miss Americana classic Steve Forbert ‘woo’ his audience LIVE at Stage Door Theater on Thursday, Sept. 11, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for this romantic and folk-filled evening are on sale now! Get your tickets HERE.

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