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Michael Bacon: 5 Facts About Kevin’s Big Brother and Band Mate

July 10, 2014
Michael and Kevin Bacon

Michael and Kevin Bacon

Michael Bacon is quite OK with being the underdog of The Bacon Brothers. Michael’s little brother and band mate is Kevin Bacon, the prolific actor.

You may have caught the cheeky Oscar Mayer commercial, released in May, that featured the unsung Bacon siblings: Michael … and turkey bacon.

(Watch behind-the-scenes of the Unsung Bacons video.)

On Aug. 4, Michael, Kevin and The Bacon Brothers band bring their Americana tinged with Philly soul sound to McGlohon Theater in Spirit Square. The special guest is indie singer-songwriter Cindy Alexander.  Click here to get more information and tickets about the Charlotte show.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from the band that’s been together for nearly 20 years:

Kevin is known for his roles in movies such as Footloose, The Woodsman, A Few Good Men, Mystic River, Tremors and the hit TV show “The Following.” Michael, however, is almost as prolific as a composer for films and documentaries. Here are five facts to know about Kevin’s big brother and band mate.

Fact 1: Michael is the only Bacon to win an Emmy.
He won an Emmy Award for his score for the PBS American Experience documentary “The Kennedys”  in 1993. “Michael Bacon’s music can be described in many ways, but more than anything, it could be called the soundtrack to history,” writes Phillip Rothman in a blog post. From his Emmy-winning score for “The Kennedys” to his music for “Truman,” “Faces of America” and “The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer,” his music “captures the human element in each of his projects with its sensitivity, directness, and deference to its subject.” Read the full post here. 

Fact 2: Michael was a singer-guitarist in the band, Good News, in the late ’60s.
The band was signed to Columbia Records and toured all over the country. “One of our last gigs was the Third Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 where we performed in front of 250,000 cranky hippies,” says Michael.

Fact 3: The musical prodigy plays 12 instruments.
He bought Kevin his first guitar.

Fact 4: Michael is now a distinguished lecturer teaching film scoring at Lehman College.
He earned a degree in music from Lehman. Michael studied composition and orchestration with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Corigliano.

Learn more about Michael’s composing career in this interview.

Fact 5: He writes fewer songs than Kevin for The Bacon Brothers.
“While my days are filled with composing instrumental music for film and TV, songs are a more daunting challenge. If I write one or two a year that I like, then I’m happy. But Kevin has this amazing gift of turning everyday experiences into universal thoughts that everybody can identify with.”

There do collaborate on some songs, such as “Unhappy Birthday.”

“A songwriter friend once said he thought that often the song one writes that directly responds to an intense event is not as strong as the song one writes second, or at least later on. Kevin’s ‘Unhappy Birthday’ was a one-year-later response and still stands as a powerful marker for this tragic anniversary,” says Michael. Originally from the album “White Knuckles, it was reworked for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with updated lyrics written by both Bacons.

Don’t miss The Bacon Brothers, with special guest Cindy Alexander, Aug. 4 at McGlohon Theater. Prices begin at $34.50. Get your tickets here!

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