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Fun Facts About The Phantom of the Opera

July 30, 2014

Imagine you are browsing the shelves in your favorite book store, and you spot a book that you haven’t seen before. You take it off the shelf and flip it over to see the cover. “The Phantom of the Opera,” it reads. Intrigued you purchase it, take it home, and devour the entire plot in one sitting.

Does this story sound familiar? This is exactly what happened to Andrew Lloyd Webber when he found the less-than-widely-received novel written by Gaston Leroux in 1909. It became the inspiration for his Tony award-winning show The Phantom of the Operawhich is gracing the Belk Theater stage Feb. 4-15, 2015.

A beautiful singer and a disguised musical genius-- a timeless love story that comes to Belk Theater Feb 4

A beautiful singer and a disguised musical genius are subjects of a timeless love story that comes to Belk Theater Feb. 4-15.

Broadway’s most haunting love story returns to the stage as Cameron Mackintosh recreates this tale in a brand new North American tour with a luscious stage production, but with the same dark fairy tale we know and love. This mysterious romance tells the tale of Christine, who grows up in the Paris Opera House. Her father dies after telling her he left an angel of music to look after her. Growing up, she hears a voice in the opera house teaching her how to sing. She mistakes it for the angel of music, but it’s actually a musical genius — The Phantom. As the story goes on, these two fall into a dark and twisted love story that Broadway has not forgotten since its premiere in 1986.

Because this show is so widely anticipated, I thought I might do some sleuthing and find some fun facts about our Phantom and the production from this groundbreaking masterpiece.

1. The Phantom of the Opera has been seen by roughly 130 million people; the worldwide gross is over $5.6 billion!

2. This show has played worldwide and has been translated into at least 13 different languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish and Polish!

3. Did you know that the Phantom’s make up takes up to two hours to put on? Then it takes another 30 minutes just to take it off. Getting him ready for the show also includes putting two wigs on him, putting in two contact lenses (one clouded, and one white), and equipping him with two mikes.

4. The plot is based on the book written by Gaston Leroux, which actually didn’t get the best reviews when it was published in 1909.

5. In the musical, the disguised musical genius is referred to as The Phantom at all times, but in the book, his real name is Erik!

6. This show is in the “Guiness Book of World Records” for longest running show of all time (even beating the show Cats in its category).

7. During production, it’s been said that The Phantom’s prosthetic face has been stuck to Christine’s face on numerous occasions during their kiss.

8.  For every performance, there are 230 costumes, 14 dressers, 120 automated cues, 22 scene changes, 281 candles, over 500 pounds of dry ice, and 10 fog and smoke machines!

Don’t miss this spectacular show coming to Belk Theater Feb. 4-15, and get drawn in by this unforgettable love story that will capture all of your senses. CLICK HERE for more information about the show!

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