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Friday Giveaway! Win Tickets to The Wood Brothers

August 29, 2014

What better way to kick off the long weekend than with a great Friday Giveaway? The Wood Brothers are coming to McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square Saturday, Sept. 27, and you could win two tickets to see them! If you aren’t already familiar with this talented group, check out the video below.

Chris Wood had a scrap of a song that he said seemed like a chorus scribbled in a notebook. He played it for his older brother, Oliver, who’d had a verse lying around he didn’t know what to do with. The two pieces, composed months apart, one in urban Atlanta and the other deep in the Catskills, dovetailed musically and lyrically: the verse about a man regretting chasing unattainable women, with the high-lonesome, harmony-driven refrain of “When I die, I wanna be sent back to try, try again.”

“Neon Tombstone” wasn’t the first song that Chris and Oliver wrote together; since 2006, they had released three studio albums of Americana as The Wood Brothers. But it was the first song they had written like this.

“This is how a song is supposed to come together,” Oliver remembers thinking. “There was some chance, some randomness, to it.” The experience marked a deeper level of collaboration for The Wood Brothers — a newfound fraternal synchronicity that’s captured on their latest album, “The Muse.”

Within the first few bars of opener “Wastin’ My Mind,” which could pass for a lost cut from “The Last Waltz,” it’s clear the brothers are operating on a different plane than when we last heard them, on 2011’s “Smoke Ring Halo.” The components are similar: the dialed-in vocal harmonies, Oliver’s gritty acoustic guitar, Chris’ virtuosic upright bass, the warrior poet lyrics. But there’s a glue, “a yellowy carpenter’s glue,” one imagines, holding it all together. The cohesion comes from the brothers having spent the last two years on the road with new full-time member Jano Rix, a drummer and ace-in-the-hole multi-instrumentalist.

Jano’s additional harmonies give credence to the old trope that while two family members often harmonize preternaturally, it takes a third, non-related singer for the sound to really shine. And then there’s Jano’s work on his literally patented percussion instrument, the “shuitar,” an acoustic guitar rigged up with tuna cans and other noisemakers, which, in his hands, becomes a veritable drum kit.

Tickets for the show can be purchased HERE.


Email and tell us why you’d love to see The Wood Brothers! Use the subject line: Wood Brothers Giveaway! A winner will be selected at noon Tuesday, Sept. 2, and notified via email. Good luck!

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