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Looking Ahead: Poetry Slams Take Over Friday!

December 15, 2014

Have you ever been to a spoken word event? Are you looking for something fun and interesting to do this week? Whether it’s our monthly event in Booth Playhouse, or the youth event in Knight Gallery at Spirit Square, Blumenthal has got you covered. Performance poetry is one thing, but a poetry slam is even better! Trust us, it’s worth coming out to experience.


breatheinkInked Uprising Youth Poetry Slam: Knight Gallery at Spirit Square

BreatheINK’s goal is to give all local teen poets the opportunity to express themselves through performance poetry. BreatheINK is a performance poetry-based organization that seeks to expose all Mecklenburg County area youths to the knowledge and power of spoken word. Through workshops, poetry slams, school clubs and organizations, and other activities, the group allows youths in our community to enhance personal and social growth through self-expression, build stronger creative writing and comprehension techniques, increase self-confidence through personal presentations, and develop teamwork skills through group poetry.

It is an organization created to help students of all ages find their young artists hidden within. It is BreatheINK’s belief that creativity in any form, especially performance poetry, expressed from the minds and hearts of the younger community members, should be displayed in any way possible for the benefit of all. It is the group’s goal to create positive opportunities for young poets to increase their writing skills, learn the art of poetic performance, practice group poetry, craft poetry slam strategies and discover all the ways to use their art for positive and professional purposes.

CLICK HERE for tickets.


SlamCharlotte LogoSlamCharlotte PoetrySlam: Booth Playhouse at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center  

Blumenthal Performing Arts’ monthly Poetry Slams are hosted by SlamCharlotte, Charlotte’s own two-time national championship team of spoken word poetry (2007 and 2008). SlamCharlotte strives to promote poetic growth, performance enhancement and increased camaraderie among the poets and the community through the monthly slam competitions. SlamCharlotte’s current Slammaster, Bluz, is the 13th ranked individual poet in the world.

CLICK HERE for tickets.


Don’t forget to check out for a complete list of upcoming shows!

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