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Congratulations to Blumenthal’s Center Stage Honorees

January 21, 2015
Mary Nell McPherson poses with Blumenthal President Tom Gabbard and Board of Trustees Chair Rick Puckett.

Mary Nell McPherson poses with Blumenthal President Tom Gabbard, left, and Rick Puckett, chair of the board of trustees.

This time last week Blumenthal Performing Arts was hosting its Annual Meeting in Booth Playhouse at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Three Center Stage Awards were presented to well-deserved community leaders.

Center Stage Awards are presented to individuals or organizations whose service or partnership with Blumenthal Performing Arts has furthered Blumenthal’s mission and reach and improved the programs Blumenthal provides to the community.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the following three people for your amazing work and dedication!

Charlene McMoore

Charlene McMoore is a Charlotte native and is a project manager in the IT department at Duke Energy. She was a volunteer at Spirit Square in the ’90s before Blumenthal Performing Arts came into existence in 1992. Soon after that, she joined Blumenthal’s newly formed volunteer program. She has been a committed and faithful volunteer who always works more than her required number of events each month, and she provides excellent customer service to Blumenthal patrons. Last year alone, McMoore provided more than 200 hours of volunteer service. She says she enjoys volunteering at BPA because it provides a great atmosphere to meet and be of service to a variety of people in the community who attend events in Blumenthal’s six theaters.

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is completing six years of service as a trustee. During her tenure, she steadfastly worked as a volunteer fundraiser every year on the corporate campaign and she was very successful. Over the past six years, Henderson helped raise more than $500,000 for Blumenthal’s education and outreach programs, during the most challenging economic years in memory.

Freedom School Partners (accepted by Mary Nell McPherson, executive director)

Freedom School Partners is a nonprofit organization that provides Charlotte area literacy-based summer education programs to prevent summer learning loss for students in grades K-12. It is the largest provider of Freedom Schools in the nation: a full 10 percent of the nation’s total Freedom School scholars and interns are served in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. While many schools today are focused on STEM, Freedom School Partners believe STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS and Math) to be the key to a child’s success. Each summer they incorporate performing arts opportunities to broaden their scholars’ creativity, social and emotional intelligence and to inspire them to dream big.

Through a partnership with Freedom Schools in FY14, and fueled by the generosity of thousands of constituents, Blumenthal increased by 400 percent access to a Broadway performance for families and kids least able to afford a ticket .



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