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Looking Ahead: The Peking Acrobats Will Blow You Away in Belk Theater Tomorrow Night!

March 9, 2015
Peking Acrobats come to Belk Theater March 10.

The Peking Acrobats come to Belk Theater March 10.

Here at Blumenthal Performing Arts, we’re known first for the amazing Broadway shows we bring to Charlotte, and then for the top notch concerts we present. But every now and then, we have very unique attractions that you just shouldn’t miss. This week is one of those occasions! The Peking Acrobats come to Belk Theater for one night only Tuesday, March 10. Tickets prices start at only $20! Never heard of this act? Read on and check out the video below. You will see what we’re talking about.

Here’s some of what you will see:

  • Daring maneuvers atop a precarious pagoda of chairs
  • Trick cycling
  • A kaleidoscope of magnificent movement
  • Powerful precision tumbling, somersaulting and gymnastics
  • Amazing displays of contortion, flexibility and control
  • Astonishing foot juggling dexterity
  • Incredible balancing feats showcasing tremendous skill and ability
  • Extraordinary exhibitions of agility and grace
  • Live musicians displaying their talents by skillfully playing traditional Chinese instruments
  • High-tech special effects and all the excitement and festive pageantry creating an atmosphere like that of a Chinese carnival!

All of this is just a part of the magnificent show offered by The Peking Acrobats from the People’s Republic of China. Last year, this engaging troupe marked its 28th North American tour following sold-out headline Theatre Tours from 1986-2014. And now, The Peking Acrobats return to North American soil for their 29th North American tour where they will continue to impress audiences with their unique brand of ancient artistry.

Don’t miss them tomorrow night in Belk Theater! CLICK HERE to get your tickets now!

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