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The Screwtape Letters Comes to Belk Theater April 26!

April 1, 2015

The Screwtape Letters is a smart, provocative and wickedly funny theatrical adaptation of the C.S. Lewis novel about spiritual warfare from a demon’s point of view, and it’s coming to Belk Theater on April 26! Ticket prices start at only $20. CLICK HERE for performance times and tickets. Check out the video below to see what audiences have been saying about the show.

A hit in New York City, the show played 309 performances at the Westside Theatre in 2010. Prior to that, Screwtape ran six months in Chicago, and The Chicago Tribune called it the “most successful show in the history of Chicago’s Mercury Theatre.” It also played two engagements at The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., where it ran for 10 sold-out weeks.

The Screwtape Letters comes to Belk Theater April 26.

The Screwtape Letters comes to Belk Theater April 26.

The Screwtape Letters toured nationally for more than four years, playing in leading theatrical venues and performing arts centers and drawing more than 400,000 theatergoers.

The play, set in an eerily stylish office in hell, follows the clever scheming of one of Satan’s Senior Tempters, Screwtape. He advises his nephew, a junior tempter, on enticing a human “patient” toward damnation. In this topsy-turvy, morally inverted universe, God is the “Enemy” and the Devil is “Our Father below.” The stakes are high as human souls are hell’s primary source of food.

As His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape, award-winning actor Brent Harris, creates a “master of the universe” character who mesmerizes the audience as he lures his unsuspecting “patient” down the “soft, gentle path to hell.” At his feet is Screwtape’s able assistant, Toadpipe (played by Marissa Molnar and Karen Wight), a grotesque creature demon who transforms her elastic body into the paragons of vices and characters that Screwtape requires to keep his patient away from the “Enemy.”


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