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Why Should You See Charlotte Squawks?

May 31, 2016

Squawks-12-300redWhat’s all the hype? What can you expect? Is it really as funny as everyone says it is? Why should you see Charlotte Squawks: 12 Angry Hens? Let the show’s biggest fans tell you!

We asked fans of the yearly musical parody to tell us why they couldn’t wait for the show to come back to Booth Playhouse year after year. Here’s what they had to say …

  1. Gut-wrenching hilarious — and no sacred cows!
  2. The humor and satire of this show are brilliant! I always laugh hard and often at Charlotte Squawks. Laughter is a wonderful therapy for the crazy times in which we live.
  3. They are truth-telling, singing, dancing crazy people. Have been to the show for the last four years and it’s now a tradition with our friends. We laugh until we cry and are super jealous of the Squawks’ mad skills.
  4. It finds the funny that hides inside the annoying.
  5. Charlotte Squawks is a musical laugh fest. The writing, music, dancing and mc-ing are a droll look at life in the QC. My friends and I look forward to it each year … and we enjoy introducing newbie Charlotteans to this aspect of our culture.
  6. There is such amazing talent in this hilarious production; from the script to the musicians and obviously the amazing cast, it’s a night out I look forward to every year!
  7. Hands down the best laughs in the city … and about the city!!
  8. Looking around at our city, country and world, I sometimes get nervous about our future … but then Charlotte Squawks comes out every year, and I can just laugh at all the issues and feel optimistic that everything will turn out OK!
  9. I saw it for the first time last year. The show was so entertaining and funny. We couldn’t stop laughing — even the next day!!!
  10. It makes me laugh! Not just any ol’ laugh, but a belly laugh so deep that you can barely catch your breath. I absolutely love the creativity. Every year is better than the last.

So take their word for it and join us at Charlotte Squawks: 12 Angry Hens live at Booth Playhouse at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center June 2-26. This year promises to be even more hilarious than the last! Get tickets now.

Photo by LunahZon Photography.

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